I am Massoud Naghshandi. I was graduated in a master’s degree in applied mathematics. I went to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2013 to continue my teaching in Sulaimaniyah Polytechnic University for 5 years. Over the years, with enough experience in Kurdish and English language and comprehensive information on opportunities in Kurdistan, I have come up with the idea of launching a multilingual platform aimed at connecting domestic producers and foreign consumers. After 5 years I came back to my hometown Mahabad. So I went to Elmi karbordi university to teach there. I met Siavash Azizi. You will hear rest of story from him.

My name is Siavash Azizi. I have been studying intensively since 2006 and I was admitted to the Tehran University of Khaje Nasir al-Din Tosi University in 2009. I am extremely hard working and finishing my M.sc in mechanic engineering in Tehran. Then I became acquainted with the startup topic at the startup weekend in Tehran, and my life has moved towards technology-driven entrepreneurship. In order to continue my studies, due to focusing on the startup and studying at the same time, I chose the beautiful city of Tabriz and I has started startups in my hometown simultaneously.

I started with the startup of W4share, 100tomani, Chipkar, Teechyar, Tirnit, Mahtec and etc. I faced many failures and successes. I met Massoud (Zana) in 2018, in Mahad, and have gotten a serious start. Zana proposed the initial idea so we started. The plan continues due to the great importance of creating content, there was a pressing need for a content specialist. Based on this, we have used the potential of Mr. Bahman Khezr, a tourism specialist. He was born in Mahabad and completed his study at the Art University of Isfahan and worked at Sanandaj Science and Technology Park simultaneously. Mr. Shayan Davoudi joined us as manager of the site.

With the addition of a Sako Afsar with a successful launch of Bibilak and Monkeyfest a successful network marketing, which is now active in the field of digital currency, the core of the team was fully formed.

With the formation of the team, the project quickly progressed and in the first month, we got more than 10 customers. We are pleased that we can now design Arbako as a multilingual platform to enhance sales performance in the Middle East market.

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